If your furnace is running constantly, or is running up your gas bill, we have some advice to help you save money this winter.

  1. Make sure you have a clean filter in the furnace.  Dirty filters will cause your system to be inefficient and expensive and this is the least expensive option to immediately increase your efficiency and protect your system from damage.
  2. Check your home for small leaks.  Leaking under a door sweep or on a window that does not seal properly will cost a ton of cash in the long run.  New door sweeps or caulking a window can put money in your pocket right away.
  3. Make sure your home stays at the same temperature all day long.  Turning down the heat while you are at work seems like it will create a cost savings, but the truth is when the system goes to heat your home back up it really challenges the system and can cause failures.  It’s more cost effective to keep your heat at a steady temperature all day long.

If you’ve tried the three tips above and you still think your bills are too high it might be time to give us a call at Midstate Plumbing & Heating.  We can evaluate the system and give your furnace the tune-up and cleaning that it deserves.  If your system is older or is an 80% efficiency furnace we can also cost out a replacement for you.  Replacing the furnace seems expensive in the up front costs but when you can increase your efficiency by 15-40% you will start putting money back into your pocket.  We hope these tips give you some insight on the best call to action on keeping your home efficient and warm and feel free to give us a call at (651) 480-1195 if you would like to chat about this.