What is it all about

If you find that you’re needing to schedule service every now and then, you probably don’t want to deal with the hassle of finding a company to perform jobs every single time. With Midstate Plumbing’s valuable Elite Club Membership, you’ll enjoy a whole host of benefits that ensure you’ll never have to look for another service provider again!

Elite Club Membership

But what types of discounts will you get specifically? Glad you asked!

  • Annual Furnace and Air Conditioner Tune-Ups
  • 10% off System Replacement
  • 20% off System Repair
  • 10% off UV Lights
  • 10% off Filters
  • 10% off Thermostats
  • 10% off Air Scrubbers
  • 10% off Drinking Water Systems
  • 10% off Softener

Don’t wait around any longer! <a href=”tel:+16514801195″>Give us a call</a> to see how the Elite Club Membership could be perfect for you and your family.