Reliable Heating Service in the Twin Cities from Midstate Plumbing

Can you imagine anything more frustrating than your furnace quitting in the dead of night in the middle of a Minnesota winter? With bold northern temperatures like the ones we have to deal with, there’s a lot to risk with a malfunctioning furnace. Temperatures matter, and if not repaired quickly your family can be at risk of Tundra living conditions within hours.


Furnaces can break down for a number of reasons. Here are a few of the more common reasons your furnace may malfunction:

  1. Forgetful Maintenance: Your furnace should have annual routine inspections to prevent unexpected errors, breakdowns, and other problems. A simple routine check can maximize your furnace efficiency and longevity. Much like a routine dental exam, your furnace needs consistent TLC.
  2. Dirty Filters: Most filters have an expected lifespan and need to be changed routinely. If a filter is dirty or clogged, your furnace will have to work overtime in order to circulate the air like it’s supposed to. Not only is this hard on your furnace, but it drives up your energy bill as well. When a furnace has to work harder, it’s at a higher risk of damaging the limit switch, which controls the fan, and thereby significantly impairing airflow.
  3. Normal Wear and Tear: Like any other household appliance, your furnace will experience normal wear and tear. This can influence air flow, heat control, and at times it can result in overheating.
  4. Size: Furnaces are designed to heat a specific sized space. If your furnace is too small for your space, it simply won’t produce enough heat. Once again, your furnace has to work continuously to heat an oversized and inappropriate space, meaning breakdown is likely to occur.
  5. Broken Limit Switch: If your blower is running continuously it may be a good indication that you have a broken limit switch. This will require a professional to repair or replace.
  6. Broken Electric Ignition or Pilot Light Malfunction: If your furnace isn’t igniting or the pilot light is out, it simply won’t run. Thermocouple problems, uncontrolled drafts, and clogs in your furnace may cause your pilot light to extinguish.
  7. Faulty Thermostat: If your thermostat isn’t working correctly, it can cue to your furnace to not run appropriately – or at all. This causes problems with the fan and the overall comfort of the home.
  8. Mechanical Malfunction: A good indicator that a mechanical problem has occurred with your furnace is a strange, unusual noise like rumbling, squeaking, or rattle sounds.

If your furnace isn’t working correctly or the heat of your home is poorly controlled, give Midstate Plumbing a call on 651 480 1195! We service all major brands, and we’ll work with you to determine a budget-friendly and effective way to heat your home.